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University of Sydney Mathematical Research Institute

Transforming maths in Australia with research and public outreach
Our Sydney Mathematical Research Institute is the first of its kind in Australia, drawing leading mathematical scientists from all over the world to do research with Australian collaborators, and engaging with the public.

Based on prestigious overseas models, our Sydney Mathematical Research Institute is transforming mathematics as a discipline in Australia and enabling our country to reap the long-term benefits of that transformation.

The Institute invites applications from mathematical researchers from all over the world to visit, placing Australia in general, and the University of Sydney in particular, at the heart of international mathematics. The visiting mathematicians enrich the local research environment and enable conference organisers to host more international speakers.

Successful applicants selected by the Scientific Advisory Committee travel to Sydney for a residency in the Institute, which offers international mathematicians the chance to focus on research without the usual demands of teaching and administration.

The Institute’s visitor program funds more than 30 visiting researchers each year in all areas of the mathematical sciences. Other visiting researchers are located with them to create a vibrant and creative environment.

The University of Sydney is a leader in mathematics and statistics research, being the only Australian university to have received a rating of 5 out of 5 for research in Mathematical Sciences in all four of the federal government’s Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) rounds. The Institute’s visitors primarily work with the researchers in the School of Mathematics and Statistics

It is through undertaking collaborative mathematical sciences research that real creativity occurs – this is at the heart of the Sydney Mathematical Research Institute.

Generous donor support临清协台飞机械有限公司

The establishment of the Institute was made possible by the generous support of our donors:

  • Simon Marais Foundation
  • Hooper Shaw Foundation
  • Dr Philipp Hofflin and Associate Professor Rebekah Jenkin.

Pairing research with public outreach四川省福晶庆服务有限公司

Maths is becoming more and more important in all aspects of society, so it is exciting for the public to get an insight into the incredible beauty of mathematics.

In addition to supporting a broad range of mathematical research, the Institute hosts conferences, workshops and talks for both academic and general audiences. The Institute's public outreach programs are crucial to our work.



Our team郴州如盈台贸易有限公司


Professor Geordie Williamson

Executive Director贵阳鼎盛和科技有限公司

Professor Anthony Henderson

Executive Officer乐山吉光如有限公司

Kate Ippaviz

Administration Officer三明安茂元设备有限公司

Hannah Bryant

Senior Science Communicator赤峰全干华服务有限公司

Dr Stephen Morgan

Advisory Board济南新吉公机械有限公司

The Advisory Board for 2020 consists of:

Scientific Advisory Committee宿迁厚福润商贸有限公司

The Scientific Advisory Committee for 2020 consists of:


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